Club Activites

Our very own RWNSB President, Teresa Fleenor, presenting a Christmas donation to Tony Gothard, Chapter President of the Vietnam Veterans of America Space Coast Chapter. Thanks to our generous members, this was one of several Charities the RWNSB presented checks to at our 2018 Christmas Lunch.



Bill Posey Victory Dinner, November 6th, 2018!! Brian & Susan Hodgers with adorable daughter Raylyn Hodgers.


June 2018 Luncheon

RWNSB hosts question & answer session with our Brevard County Constitutional Officers at our June 2018 Luncheon.

Bill Posey August meeting 2018Congressman Bill Posey at the RWNSB Luncheon on August 9.


Welcoming Speaker Corcoran as a featured Guest in January, 2018.


RWNSB Board members enjoying the 2018 Annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner.
Jo Solley-Hansen wins the Republican of the Year Award from BREC.
Touring the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee during
Tally Days celebration with Florida Women’s Political Network.


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